Port-Fréjus is getting greener !

Concerned about the well-being of our pleasure sailors and of the strollers, Port-Fréjus wished to introduce some green areas.

Three plant-covered corollas, completely autonomous and connected, created by the French start-up URBAN CANOPEE, took place at the entrance if the islet and where the sick mimosa was standing, in front of the quay T.
These structures are 5 meters high. In fibreglass, they are decorated with plants which, blossoming, will make a beautiful place of shadow and rest.
The plants are a mix between knotweed « d’Aubert », akebias and passion flowers. These three species have a quick sprouting and adapt well facing the sea-spray.
Have some patience, it’s growing ! These hanging gardens, getting the space greener, will be soon islands of greenery !

Check the website to learn more about the canopy (English available) :