How does

that affect me ?

Marine ecological balance and security of food are endangered

Some marine species are at risk of extinction.
Marine mammals, sea turtles and birds are accidentally caught in nets


causes that ?

The damage from industrial fishing

We catch 5 times more more fish today than in 1950

¼ of these fish are ground into fish meal to feed farmed animals

More destructive fishing techniques

Bottom trawling and other fishing techniques plough and destroy marine habitats

Some trawlers are equipped with nets of 23 000 m²

the equivalent of 4 football pitches ! Electric fishing is devastating for the fauna and sea beds

What can I do

about it ?

Buy products from sustainable and integrated fish farming

Fish from responsible fisheries

Eat local produce

Short food channels and seasonal products

Respect the sea and its inhabitants

Respect the rules = fishing seasons, variety and size of fish