Why is it

important ?

biodiversity mainly concerns us,
as biodiversity is us and all those living on earth”

Hubert Reeves

Natural habitats are essential for the survival of this biodiversity.

The ocean absorbs 30% of CO2

and produces 50% to 75% of the planet’s oxygen.

Biodiversity creates a balance

in the food chain, which protects living beings.

What causes

the loss of biodiversity ?


Trash, hydrocarbons, chemical and industrial discharges, etc

The “silent world” loses its bearings at the sound of an engine

Super exploitation

There are 2.5 times more trawlers than the sea can sustain


2 to 4 habitats out of 10 are destroyed by urbanisation in southern regions

1 50m yacht‘s anchor dropped = 1500m2 of Posidonia meadow lost

What can I do

about it ?

Sort and recycle

my trash

Use natural products

in my home and garden

Be a consum’actor

Buy locally using short distribution channels

Support the creation of protected areas

and ecological restoration projects

Use ecological moorings

Use eco-certified products

on board my boat