This Summer, Port-Fréjus passionate about art, receives its first artistic residence and welcomes the photographer Genaro Bardy during two weeks at the end of August.

Genaro Bardy is a French photographer and author. He lives in Salvador, Bahia, in Brazil.

Genaro Bardy by ©François Capdeville

In his work, he explores the poetic nuances in the everyday life. He uses the streets, complex urban atmospheres and life of communities as visual language.

Passionate by pictures documenting travels and unusual stories, his work and practice are in the tradition of the street photography exploring a social context and often focusing on the cultural identity and the concept of community.

The project of this residence is called : « In varietate concordia » (« United in the diversity »).

« My work in Port-Fréjus will be an exploration, explains the artist. Why people have this feeling to be a part of a community, or form a bond with a specific region or place ? »

« I would like to identify different kinds of sense of belonging to create fifteen monumental pictures. Each one will represent one of these senses of belonging. »

« These fifteen pictures will form the main exhibition. »

« Each photography will take place with five or seven other pictures, in a narrative form. They will give more details, or will develop the main idea of each one of the monumental pictures ».


Toscane, Siena © Genaro Bardy

Rajasthan – 2015 © Genaro Bardy

My Soul So Cool From The Bath of Light © Genaro Bardy


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Facebook : Genardo Bardy – Photographe
Instagram : @naro1