Ringing & Luminous Periscopes

New modules for the “Sentier du Mérou” have been placed in the Port-Fréjus islet.

Everybody knows how a whale is singing.

But would you recognize what a grouper or a lobster sound like ?

Placed at the entrance of the islet, four « ringing and luminous » periscopes concieved by PLANETE NUDGE emerge from the ground like a periscope comes traditionnally to the surface.

They are broaching the theme of the ringing pollution and its negative impact on the marine life : disorientation (and beaching cetaceans), miscommunication, mating and feeding difficulties…


These periscopes have very sensible sensor to detect the skin texture.

They are programed to react to the electric variations of the skin.

To create sounds and lights, put your hands on the touch-sensitive sensors !

According to the way you interact with the periscope, for instance in putting one, two of three fingers, or your hands, pressing with more or less strength, the periscopes will make different lights and a sound from a marine animal (whale, dolphin, grouper, lobster).

It’s even possible to create a human channel with two persons or more : the first one touches the upright part of a sensor, the second one the bottom of it, then they hold their free hand…

The Ringing & Luminous Periscopes are a digital and interactive work of art created in 2021 by Jean-Robert Sédano and Solveig de Ory.