The Port



The port council is made up of the Mayor or his/her representative, a representative of the semi-public management company, a representative of the semi-public management company staff, a representative of the staff of Fréjus town, three members representing port users appointed by the Local Committee of Permanent Users of the Port (CLUP), three members representing the nautical services, constructions, repairs and sporting and touristic associations linked to sailing and appointed by the Mayor, a representative of the Var Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a representative of the general council and one fishing representative.


The port council has the power to deliver opinions.
The port council must be consulted for the administrative definition of the port and its modifications, the port’s estimated budget, competition decisions, fees and conditions of use of equipment, port charges, amendments to concessions and new concessions, proposed new works, outsourcing and special police provisions.
The port council reviews the port’s situation and its developments be they economic, financial, social, technical or administrative. It receives all suggestions deemed relevant by the port managing agent, as well as the final reports of budgets of the previous year and of the current year. Available data referring to port traffic in particular, are regularly submitted to it.


The port council is convened at least twice a year by the Chair (the Mayor or his/her representative). Sessions are not public. Opinions are delivered by an absolute majority of votes of members present or represented (the Chair will have a casting vote in the case of a tie).
The port council may validly deliberate only if 2/3 of members are present or represented.
Members are elected or appointed for a renewable five year term, and the post is free.



The CLUPP (Local Committee of Permanent Users of the Port) is convened once a year by the Mayor or his/her representative. The port budget is submitted to it.
Three members and three deputies are elected by the CLUPP to represent it at the Port Council.
To be a member of the CLUPP, you need to provide a rental contract of more than six months and be entered on a register kept by the management department at the Harbour Master’s office.

The CLUPP (Local Committee of Permanent Users of the Port) is defined in Article R5314-19 of the Transport Code:

“The Local Committee of Permanent Users of the Port includes the holders of a contract of improvement or guarantee of use of berth or mooring and the beneficiaries of a rental title of more than six months issued by the manager of the port on the day of payment of his fee of occupation of post or rental. ”

Their list is kept up to date by the port manager. Registration on the list is free and can be done online by clicking on the link below.

The Local Committee of Permanent Users of the Port meets at least once a year by the Mayor or his representative. It receives communication from the budget of the port.

The CLUPP is a mandatory body, independent of any association, which elects its 3 representatives to the port council every 5 years (the modalities of election of representatives are defined in the Rules of Procedure available on the link below). Each year, members receive a notice to the CLUPP meeting where they are presented with the port’s budget, upcoming projects, and where they can ask questions of the concessionaire.

For any further questions concerning the CLUPP or the Port Council, we invite you to send us an email on the following address:

Registration at the C.L.U.P.P.