Marine biodiversity festival sponsored by Alban Michon

On Sunday 23rd August, Port-Fréjus will celebrate marine biodiversity as part of the “FETE DE LA BIODIVERSITE MARINE”. Port de Fréjus will pay tribute to the Mediterranean and its biodiversity, and will highlight the need to safeguard it.

This eco-citizen event will present the steps taken by the port to safeguard the environment. After installing Biohuts (artificial fish nurseries), the port decided to go one step futher by inaugurating this marine biodiversity education trail, located around the port quays, called the “Grouper Trail”.
French polar explorer, Alban Michon is sponsoring our event.

The evening will be split into several parts:

– 6 p.m: INAUGURATION of the Port-Fréjus marine biodiversity educational trail: “THE GROUPER TRAIL”.

– 7:45 p.m: CONFERENCE BY EXTREME DIVER, ALBAN MICHON who will recount his polar underwater expeditions.

– 9 p.m: PROJECTION on a giant screen of the film “The White Trap” by Alban Michon

The aim of the event is to raise public awareness, and to showcase all the beautiful aquatic flora and fauna in our seas and oceans.

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