« HERE BEGINS THE SEA » by the city of Fréjus

Saturday 5th June is the World Environment Day : the City of Fréjus is starting a awareness campaign « HERE BEGINS THE SEA, DON’T LITTER ».

This operation wants to explain the direct link between gullies (the metal gates allowing the rain to be evacuated) and the sea. Because these gates are not drains ! The cigarette butts and rubbish in general thrown in these metal gates go directly to the streams and the sea. So the Mediterranean sea is infected by toxic products. During this awareness campaign, metal gates will be tagged with « HERE BEGINS THE SEA, DON’T LITTER » with a kit provided by the city.

Port-Fréjus will be the scene of this day and will highlight its actions for the protection of the environment and the biodiversity.

So let’s meet Saturday 5th June 2021 :

At 2PM in front of the OLDSCHOOL restaurant : the Mayor of Fréjus will tag “HERE BEGINS THE SEA, DON’T LITTER” on a metal gate.

At 2.30PM on the Place deï Tambourinaire for :

  1. The new islet’s official opening with the maritime prefecture and the Pelagos Sanctuary representatives
  2. The opening of the mysterious boxes from Rina Design !
  3. Signature of the Partnership Charter of the PELAGOS SANCTUARY by the Mayor of Fréjus, accompanied by representatives of the Maritime Prefecture and the Pelagos Sanctuary.

And to learn more about the Pelagos Sanctuary : https://www.sanctuaire-pelagos.org/fr