Pour qu’un port soit propre, deux actions sont nécessaires : la première est d’informer les plaisanciers des équipements installés dans l’enceinte portuaire et la seconde est de sensibiliser ces mêmes plaisanciers à les utiliser.

POINT PROPRE CARAVELLO is dedicated to recycling and waste disposal.
Located behind the Caravello toilet and shower facilities, it is accessible every day with an electronic key provided by the harbourmaster’s office.

You will be able to discard the following:

  • Engine oil
  • Diesel and oil filters
  • Boat batteries
  • Household batteries
  • General waste
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Non-contaminated cardboard, plastic and paper

To preserve the quality of the environment in the port :

  • Please do not use the toilet on your boat: 4 toilet and shower facilities are at your service within the port (South-East, Quartier Latin, Canal and Caravello)
  • 2 containers dedicated for oil recycling
  • 2 containers dedicated for engine batteries
  • 1 container dedicated for household batteries
  • 101 wooden rubbish bins near each quayside
    • 48 containers for food waste
    • 23 containers for paper, cardboard and plastic
    • 22 containers for glass